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Presented by Bob Czimbal

All of us deserve an abundance of love and laughter. We are responsible for our health and happiness. Abundance is a way of thinking that opens us to seeing the beauty and the blessings that surround us. We determine the ratio of pain and pleasure in our lives. These beliefs are essential for success in our personal and professional lives. 

How we frame a situation defines it. Our perspective sets in motion powerful forces that can be destructive or constructive. We have a choice of how to be. That is empowering. We all need this inner strength to help us adapt to the lightening speed of change.

The opposite of abundance is scarcity (scar city). A major risk factor is scarcity thinking. Abundance contains a great word play. The next time you notice yourself slipping into scarcity thinking (not enough: time, money or love) jump up and do the a-bun-dance!  From now on each time you see the word abundance it will have a new meaning. 

Happy people have developed these virtues: friendly, positive, creative, high self-esteem, a good sense of humor, caring, cooperative and spirited. Abundance is a reminder to be our best.

The presentation style is a blend of short lectures, skill building tools, interactive exercises, group discussions, and action plans. Bob's presentations are guaranteed to be inspiring, entertaining and humorous. Attendees consistently report they have gained useful skills that will last a lifetime.

Seminar Goals

Be creative and see new possibilities.
Create an abundance of friends.
Foster and attitude of gratitude.
Promote health & wellness.
Feel inspired & energied.
Experience inner wealth. 
Make dreams come true.
Remain positive and optimistic.
Notice the magic of everyday life. 
Connect to the beauty of the world.
Minimize pain & maximize pleasure.

Sample Activities

Abundance at Work
Secrets of Happiness
Scarcity or Abundance
Whistle While You Work
Working Well Together
Mental Fitness
Personal Assets
Friends & Fun
Spiral of Delight
The Ripple Effect