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The Art of Self Development

Resourceful, genuine, mature employees are better problem-solvers, decision-makers and team members. They bring all that they are to the table. The goal of “The Art of Self Development” is to foster each employee’s special qualities. We have all witnessed the negative consequences when an employee has not developed certain areas of their character.

When we strive to become a better person the effects ripple out to our family, community, and where we work. Work life becomes part of the journey by which we find the meaning of life. Devoting the time, energy and money to personal growth is always a wise investment. 

A person with a well developed sense of self has pondered these classic questions: “Who am I? Who do I want to become? What is my purpose?” The insights gleaned from this inquiry create a confident, responsible and self-reliant individual. This person is guided by spiritual principles and will want to make a positive difference in all areas of their life.

We are lost without a strong sense of self. To be strong we must be aware of our weaknesses. Personal development is too important to be left to chance. The Abundance Company recommends improving a new area of development and expanding on an existing one each year.

Your self-esteem is the most valuable asset in your personal and professional life. Any improvements you make in your self-esteem effects every thought, feeling and action. The quality of the relationship you have with yourself determines the quality you have with others.

Self development hinges on self-esteem. Self-esteem is the respect you give to yourself based on a realistic assessment of you capabilities. These are the ten aspects that constitute your self-esteem.

#1 Self-Concept 
#2 Self-Image 
#3 Self-Confidence 
#4 Self-Reliance
#5 Self-Responsibility 
#6 Self-Control 
#7 Self-Respect
#8 Self-Worth
#9 Self-Care
#10 Self-Acceptance 

Resourceful & Dependable
Reflective & Insightful
Sense of Self & Purpose 
Awareness of Weaknesses
Mature & Genuine 
Investments in Personal Growth 
Making a Difference