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The F.I.T.ness Game

Everybody Plays... Everybody Wins!

The F.I.T.ness Game is an exciting action game that motivates employees to make fitness part of their daily lives.  The Game makes fitness fun, social and rewarding.  A great way to kick off or enhance your health or safety program. 

Frequency + Intensity + Time = F.I.T.

Everybody Plays... regardless of age or fitness level.  Players earn points on their own time involved in a choice of activities from aerobics to walking.

Everybody Wins!  Players win prizes, awards, recognition and improved fitness.  A healthy spirit of competition is encouraged. 

Employees enjoy the Game, as shown by consistently high levels of participation over time.  The Game can be shared with family members.  

Coordinators find the game easy to implement.  The program is highly successful in motivating beginners to start a regular exercise program.

Employers benefit from having healthier, happier and more productive workers.  The F.I.T.ness Game is a team effort: the company provides the program and the employees contribute the muscle power.  

The Game has been a proven winner since 1983.  Independent research has demonstrated that the Game motivates employees to exercise regularly and reduces health care cost. 

Good health is good business.

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