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Individual and Team Coaching

Victory doesn’t happen in a vacuum.  Ask any successful person and you will find that he or she had help attaining their goals! You may wish the assistance of a coach during a crisis, challenge, or course correction.  Michele Brooks and Bob Czimbal will support you in developing your “Personal Skills for Professional Excellence”. 

In order to bring forth your best you will need an awareness of the essential skills for success. We will use the Personal Skills Inventory, a simple self-assessment, to evaluate your strengths and areas for improvement. Michele and Bob provide the guidance, support and resources to convert awareness to action.

These are a sampling of the skill sets we specialize in: communication, work habits, ethics & integrity, change & creativity, mental & emotional fitness, leadership & teamwork, humor & happiness, health & wellness, people skills and self-development. We recommend a yearly “Game Plan for Success” that helps you make the commitment to focus the power of your intention.

Cultivate essential skills
to realize the success 
you desire!

Michele and Bob will act as your confidential sounding board and offer strategic mentoring toward your goals. Individual consulting and group facilitation session are available during the daytime, evenings, weekdays and weekends.

Our time together will be a wise investment in your future. In addition, we guarantee an exciting adventure on your path to success! 

Since 1990, Michele Brooks, M.S.O.D., B.T.Ed., has coached, inspired, invigorated, and educated employees for a broad range of industries. Her professional career includes work as an independent contract trainer, certified career consultant/coach, domestic and international field service representative and trainer, and an in-house manager of training for a major medical device company. She has led over 60 Women’s Conferences and coached hundreds of employees at all levels toward more fulfilling careers.

Since 1970, Bob Czimbal has offered coaching and consulting. Bob has given dynamic presentations to international conferences, corporations, small businesses, universities, hospitals, government agencies and schools. His professional career includes work as a Sociologist, Community Planner and founder of the Cherry Grove Retreat Center. Currently he is the director of The Abundance Company.  Bob is the author and publisher of: The F.I.T.ness Game: Everybody Plays...Everybody Wins!,  Stress Survival Kit: 52 Stress Management Tools, Vitamin T: A Guide to Healthy Touch, and Kindred Spirits.