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Integrity, Ethics and Virtues

Presented by Bob Czimbal

Integrity conveys a sense of wholeness and strength. A person of integrity is guided by a set of core principles that empowers them to behave consistently to a high standard. The building blocks of integrity are virtues like; compassion, dependability, generosity, honesty, kindness, loyalty, maturity, objectivity, respect, trust and wisdom.

Virtues are our personal and professional assets. The sum of all virtues equals Integrity. Hundreds of strong integrated virtues are needed to produce a person of integrity.

Happiness comes from living in integrity. We feel good about ourselves when we make a commitment to be our best. Integrity is choice rather obligation. Integrity cannot be forced from outside sources. We do what is right even when no one is watching. Our actions are our own reward.

The right thing is not always the easy thing.

There is intrinsic satisfaction when we assess our courage when our integrity is being tested. Possessing a high degree of integrity means our words and deeds are in alignment. Personal integrity is the foundation for ethics. Integrity can be defined as our internal system of principles that guides our behavior and ethics is an external system.

There is a dynamic relationship between integrity and ethics where one strengthens the other. A person who has worked hard to develop a high standard of integrity will likely transfer these skills to their professional life. Good business ethics encourages integrity. We have all witness the problems that a lack of integrity can cause.

The primary focus of this presentation is on how to raise our standards of integrity. Employees are asked to submit topics on integrity in advance so the presentation can be customized to their needs.


Self-Care & Balance
In & Out of Integrity
Respect & Honesty
Code of Ethics
The Meaning of Life
Stress Survival Skills
Models of Integrity
Making a Difference
From Fear to Flow
Personal Principles
Energy Management
Standards of Integrity
Accountability Feedback
Mutual Mentors
Issues of Power 
Review of Past Problems
Gray Zones
Intentions Interpretations
Crossing the Line
Commitment to Integrity
Keeping Agreements
Graceful Intervention
A Sense of Right & Wrong
Causes of Unethical Behavior
Action Plans