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Kindred Spirits
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Kindred Spirits

Bob Czimbal and Maggie Zadikov are the proud publishers of the premier full length edition of Kindred Spirits: The Quest for Love and Friendship. Born: Earth Day  April 22, 2005

In 1978, while Bob was a lonely single parent, his longing for mutual friendships led him to conceive a definition to guide him on his quest:

 "Kindred Spirits are special friends who encourage our growth, enrich our self-esteem and by their presence give comfort."

The book Kindred Spirits is a warmhearted and practical guide to exploring love, intimacy, friendship, sexuality and spirituality. Bob and Maggie offer insights from their amazing journey.

Learn how to: 

master the love skills that can be used on a date or at home with your mate.

be a Kindred Spirit and find those you resonate with.

learn the simple "Language of Love".

create mutually nurturing relationships that evolve the spirit. 

Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flame! 

Special Features

275 Topics Readers select the ones they wish to visit.
200 Pages (8.5 X 11) An in-depth understanding of relationships. The cover is a
beautiful color photo of 16 of our Kindred Spirits.
180 Insights Excerpts from interviews gleaned from fellow travelers.
125 Travel Tips Bold inspirational sayings as signposts.
32 Virtues Virtues are acts of love.
18 Kinds of Love Stepping stones on the path to discovering deeper intimacy.
Specialized Gear The top ten qualities of a great mate.
Suggested Exercises & Questions These serve as a springboard for great discussions.

What our readers have to say:

"My heart burst open. A masterpiece, pure inspiration."

"I wish I could have read this book when I was in my 20's. Oh! the pain I could have
saved myself."

"A message of hope for humankind, light years ahead of its time."

"A great dating guide."

"Kindred Spirits sets the highest standard for love and friendship."

"I leave the book open to a new topic for reflection and as a reminder to give
friendship top priority."

"Now that I have found my kindred spirits, I no longer feel like a stranger in a strange land."

"Friendship raised to the level of sacrament."

"The best book I have read on friendship since How to Make Friends and Influence People."

"This book has served as my guide to becoming a kindred spirit, to being intimate with my mate and finding deep friendships."

"The book is a treasure, it fostered the best discussions and deepened my relationships."

"Be prepared to change everything about your life... forever!"

"A timeless classic on the art of friendship."

"The Lonely Planet guide book to discovering love."

"Daniel Quinn's Ishmael refers to two kinds of people the takers and the leavers. Kindred
Spirits are prime examples of people who leave the planet better than they found it."

"By understanding the language of love, I am moving from being lonely to loved. "

"I learned how to develop mutually nurturing relationships."

"A guide for the new millennium, a road map for global transformation."

"The Celestine Prophecy gave me insights, Kindred Spirits inspired me to transform my
awareness into action."

"This is the first book I want to reread cover to cover every year of my life."

"Kindred spirits are a brave new species."

A great gift for any occasion.

Price: $ 24.00