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Laughing at Life!

Presented by Bob Czimbal 

Laughing at Life
is Comic Vision, the ability to see life from a light-hearted perspective. Laughter brings out the best in us. A good sense of humor is an essential stress survival skill. By reversing our attitude, we can turn “stressed” into “desserts!” Laughter is the best antidote for distress. 

The presentation is a delightful blend of: inspiring stories, fun interactive games, skill building activities, community enhancing exercises, lively group discussions, educational handouts, surprises and prizes.

Laughing at Life is perfect as a dynamic keynote, conference kickoff, luncheon seminar, evening entertainment or staff retreat. Each presentation is designed to complement the conference theme and needs of the group. Bob’s presentation can be customized  for your worksite. There will be guest appearances by comic characters like Cookie Monster and Saturn Man.  

Audiences welcome the chance to unwind, laugh and make new friends. They love to get into the act. Bob specializes in using the wisdom and talents of the audience to enhance the presentation. Attendees consistently report gaining skills that will last a lifetime. 

Laughing at Life is guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

Bob Czimbal was raised by wolves in the Rocky Mountains. In his teens he was discovered by a trapper. Dropped off at a monastery, he was educated by Zen monks.  He has a degree in Humorology, the study of people at play. He specializes in Refrigerology, the science of analyzing personalities by examining the contents of an individual’s refrigerator.  Bob was abducted by space aliens and is currently recovering from total amnesia.  He has a medical excuse for his behavior.

Since 1970, Bob has delivered dynamic presentations to international conferences, corporations, small businesses, universities, hospitals and government agencies. Bob Czimbal's professional career includes work as a Sociologist, Community Planner and founder of the Cherry Grove Retreat Center. Currently he is director of The Abundance Company.

Bob is author and publisher of Vitamin T: A Guide to Healthy Touch, The F.I.T.ness Game, The Birthday Appreciation Kit, Stress Survival Kit and Kindred Spirits: The Quest for Love and Friendship.

Laughing at Life!

Audience comments are the best way to explain the benefits of Laughing at Life:

Laughing at Life is more fun than being in a play pen full of frisky puppies.

Bob is a master at getting the audience to stand up and entertain each other.

We needed ice breakers for our group, Bob generated a heat wave. Wow!

Your high ratings reflected your warm and caring style and your unique ability to capture the audience's attention right off the bat.

He magically creates a mixture of humor and insight. A celebration of life.

A lightening bolt. A breath of fresh air. Bring him back.

The most dynamic speaker I have ever heard. 

I came in burnt out. I left feeling refreshed and energized. A morale booster we all needed.

An award winning presentation. 

Bob is the “Corporate Jester”. He helped us see the folly in taking ourselves so seriously.

Anyone could say the same words as Bob. When he speaks it is from his life it means more.

Thank you. I learned new ways to play and increased my smiles per hour.

Bob’s favorite sayings.

Laughter is aerobic exercise for the spirit.

Good humor is wisdom and wit combined.

Humor Heals the Heart.

Happiness Happens ... one smile at a time.

The best way to improve your sense of humor is to learn to laugh at yourself.

Instead of rolling with the punches - duck!

When righting a wrong make sure it is the right wrong to right.

What would Saturn Man do in this situation?

How is your laugh life?  Once a week is not enough! 

Healthy humor always contains a caring message.

I believe that 100% of all of the love and laughter, fun and friends is self-created.

We will make a world of difference ... one act of kindness at a time.

Sample Activities

A Bun Dance
Bumper Snickers
Cookie Monster
Double Your Pleasure
Earthquake Drill
Good Humor Contest
Humor First Aid Kit
I Promise
Jest Kidding
Kindred Spirits
Lighten Up
Naturally High
Organizing a Fun Raiser
Planning Adventures
Random Acts of Kindness
Stress Survival Skills
Transplants, Humor
Undercover Exercises
Vitamin T
Whistle While You Work
X-traordinary People
Yes to Life!
Z Ball

Free Handouts