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The speed of change can blur our vision. The time has come to move from just managing change to mastering change. High levels of skill and creativity help us to see clearly and focus. The economic growth of a company is dynamically linked to growth of its employees.

Many of  the old ways no longer work. Does your worksite environment encourage creativity and the enthusiasm for venturing into the unknown? To change, to grow, we must be willing to take risks and learn from our mistakes. The trick is to take risks without recklessness.

But many employees seem to be resistant to change. Embracing change and generating creative solutions is everybody's responsibility. New ways of thinking create fresh ideas that translate into new products and services. “Mastering Change & Creativity” is designed to move employees from resistance to receptivity.

Success is dependent on personal initiative, imagination and innovation. The collective creativity of employees provides the company with a razor sharp competitive edge. “Mastering Change & Creativity” will provide the essential skills for your organization to grow and prosper.

Sample Topics:
Challenging Assumptions
A Sense of Adventure
Managing Conflict & Crisis
Overcoming Barriers
The Power of Imagination
Complexity & Simplicity
Creative Problem Solving
Generating Original Ideas
Responding Rather than Reacting
Rewards & Incentives
Connecting the Dots
Models of Creativity
Excuses & the Closed Mind 
Creative Blocks to Reframing
From Fear to Flow
Breakthrough Ideas
Constructive Discontent
Exploiting Instability
Energy for Transformation
Creative Thinking Strategies
New Brain Paths
Fostering Curiosity
Creative Expression
Course Corrections
Enjoying Uncertainty & Ambiguity
Insight & Critical Thinking
Engaging the Creative Spirit