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Skills for Success

Personal Skills for Professional Excellence Bob Czimbal presents Skills for Success Keynote

Presented by Bob Czimbal


Quality products and services can only be created by quality workers. The personal skills of employees are valuable assets to the company; their development is the key to professional excellence. 

This energizing presentation will include a blend of these topics:


Keep Your Customers Happy

Team Spirit and Leadership

Whistle While You Work

Working Well Together

Energy Management

Humor & Creativity

Mental Fitness

Magic of Appreciation

Enriching Communication

Motivation & Action Plan

The Skills for Success Seminar is guaranteed to enliven the audience. The presentation is a blend of short lectures, skill building tools, interactive exercises, group discussions, and action plans. They are entertaining, inspiring, and involve a high degree of interaction. The audience is provided with the motivation and skills to convert awareness to action. Attendees consistently report they have gained useful skills that will last a lifetime.

This seminar is available for conference kickoffs, keynotes, staff development, public seminars, luncheons and evening entertainment. The length of the presentation can vary from one hour to one day. Size of audience varies form 20 to 2,000+.  Included are resources, prizes and surprises. The presentation is customized and blended to meet the theme of the conference and needs of the audience. 

Since 1970, Bob has delivered dynamic presentations to international conferences, corporations, small businesses, universities, hospitals and government agencies.  

Bob Czimbal's professional career includes work as a Sociologist, Community Planner and founder of the Cherry Grove Retreat Center. Currently he is the director of Skills for Success.

For additional information contact Bob to find out how he can be of service to you.