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Skills for Success Seminars

Personal Skills for Professional Excellence 

Quality products and services can only be created by quality workers. The personal skills of employees are valuable assets to the company; their development is the key to professional excellence. 

Success rests on a three-legged tripod: education, experience and personal skills. Typically personal skills are the underdeveloped leg. The problems that result from this imbalance are costly. We are here to help you and your organization with building these exciting success-oriented skills and attributes.

The Skills for Success Seminars are guaranteed to enliven the audience. The presentations are a blend of short lectures, skill building tools, interactive exercises, group discussions and action plans. They are entertaining, inspiring and involve a high degree of interaction. Employees are provided with the motivation and skills to convert awareness to action. 

Michele Brooks and Bob Czimbal offer these original seminars for staff training. Select any one of the seminars  or create a customized blend. The length of classes can vary from one hour to one day. Included are resources, prizes and surprises. Employees consistently report they have gained useful skills that will last a lifetime.