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Stress Survival Kit

52 Stress Management Tools 
by Bob Czimbal & Maggie Zadikov

The Kit contains the best stress management tools in a lighthearted and practical book. The 52 survival tools provide a year-long wellness program of healthy ways to deal effectively with stress. Each tool is equipped with a handy title, illustration, weekly calendar and suggested activities. Learn to enhance skills in:  tension relief, team building, communication, conflict resolution and emotional self-defense.

The Stress Survival Kit is a Lifesaver. It contains essential information for home, school and work. Stress is a natural part of life. Distress occurs when the struggle becomes greater than our coping skills. Learn how to minimize pain and maximize pleasure by using the stress survival skills.

The Stress Survival Kit will help you to:

Go beyond managing stress to thriving on challenges.
Boost your personal and professional effectiveness.
Create a personal shield to protect you from distress.
Learn skills to help you through the toughest days.
Discover the stress management style that works best for you. 
Enjoy riding in the front seat of the roller-coaster of life.

“First aid for distress.”

Sample Topics

The Stress Response
The Stress Barometer
Fight, Flight or Flow 
Emotional Self-defense
No Dumping
Wise Investments
Time Well Spent 
Letting Off Steam 
Enriching Self-Esteem
Crisis or Opportunity
Sense Of Humor
Skills for Success

Price: $ 18.00