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Vitamin T: A Guide to Healthy Touch

by Bob Czimbal & Maggie Zadikov

The Vitamin T book contains :

Examples of over 100 fun ways to exchange Vitamin T

Guidelines for healthy touch at home, school and work
Skills to cure Vitamin T deficiencies, like loneliness

Techniques for the prevention of sexual harassment and abuse

Ways to enhance intimacy and healthy sexuality

Systems for creating an abundance of Vitamin T

Tools to heal painful touches called ouches (Touch minus T = ouch).


Vitamin T is the "nurturing nutrient"  found in healthy TOUCH.  The US Department of Health and Happiness has established that Vitamin T is essential for every body.  Daily doses promote growth. 

Natural sources of Vitamin T are handshakes, hugs, kisses, cuddles and rubs obtained from family and friends.  Vitamin T is absorbed through the skin and helps to soothe the body, calm the mind, warm the heart and nourish the spirit.   

Vitamin T restores sense of humor and strengthens self-esteem.  Positively habit-forming.  Guaranteed safe for all ages.  Give with permission only.  Keep within reach of children. 
Active ingredient: TLC 

“Vitamin T is a great gift for every body.”

Soft cover, 200 pages 
7"x10"  30 illustrations

ISBN 1-878793-00-4   

Price $18.00